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Integrate powerful PDF solutions quickly and easily with any application or workflow. Skip the hassles of installation, maintenance, and administration. Connect simply with standard REST API services, and let pdfRest take care of everything.

Why choose pdfRest Cloud API?

pdfRest Cloud API is full-featured, easy-to-implement, and a trusted enterprise-grade solution with affordable plans for every project.

The Speed You Need

The Speed You Need

Get started quickly with helpful resources and easy implementation. pdfRest supports rapid prototyping, flexible integration, and lightning fast time-to-market. Start testing in seconds, and you'll be ready to launch soon after.

Unmatched Quality

Unmatched Quality

Gold-standard document processing powered by Adobe® PDF Library™ and built by PDF experts with decades of digital document experience. Get the highest quality results with technology trusted globally by enterprise organizations.
Save as You Go

Save as You Go

Affordable pay-as-you go pricing for all projects, big and small. No up-front licensing fees or maintenance contracts. Get started for free, and only pay when your usage requirements begin to scale.
Robust Toolkits

Robust PDF Solutions

Check every box on your list with a single, all-access API Key. Over 15 powerful PDF and PDF Forms API Tools to convert, optimize, modify, inspect, secure, and simplify your digital documents and processing workflows.

Includes all the standard PDF processing tools you'd expect, such as Convert to PDF, Compress PDF, Merge PDFs, and Split PDF, as well as professional-grade tools like Flatten Transparencies, Convert to PDF/A, and Flatten Forms to prepare your documents for specific use cases, like print, archival, and forms processing.
REST, Easy

REST, Easy

pdfRest REST APIs are easy to use and understand with standard verbs and intuitive nouns that just make sense. Integrate with any application or platform from nearly any development language or even low/no-code service.

Start sending calls right away from the API Lab web app, which autogenerates copyable code for quick deployment in your own application. Test dozens of code samples in the pdfRest GitHub Repo, or send calls right from the pdfRest Postman Collection.


pdfRest Cloud API is trusted by companies around the world to support automated PDF processing in applications, websites, and workflows. All processing requests are handled quickly and reliably, around the clock.

pdfRest protects you and your data, utilizing encryption-in-transit and at-rest, maintaining up-to-date certificates for, monitoring for and patching CVEs, and leveraging AES-256 encryption for all production storage volumes. See the Data Processing Agreement for more details.


pdfRest Cloud API offers flexible pricing plans to scale with your needs


Try processing files with API Lab before signing up.

50 calls
No overages

Start testing and prototyping for free — no credit card required.

300 calls per month
No overages

Launch to production with low cost and small-scale usage.

$9 / month
1,000 calls per month
$0.10 per overage call

Full access to professional PDF processing and scalability.

$99 / month
5,000 calls per month
$0.04 per overage call
Access to Pro tools

Maximum customization designed to meet your needs.

$499 / month
20,000 calls per month
$0.03 per overage call
Access to Pro tools
Full pricing details


Everything you need to implement and customize your PDF solutions

API Reference Guide

View all endpoints, parameters, code examples, expected responses, and more

GitHub Repository

Dozens of code samples in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and cURL

Postman Collection

Send preconfigured pdfRest API Calls through the simple Postman interface

Generate a self-service API Key now!

Create your FREE API Key to start processing PDFs in seconds, only possible with pdfRest.

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