API Polling

API Polling

API Polling is a REST API tool that supports asynchronous monitoring for status of requests sent to any pdfRest endpoint.

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Why pdfRest for API Polling?

pdfRest offers the best solution for polling request statuses, because it prevents timeouts, offers workflow flexibility, and is universally supported across the toolkit.

Avoid Timeouts with Instant Responses

Some document processing steps can take time, especially for complex tasks like large file conversions or advanced document optimizations. Waiting for the entire process to complete before receiving a response can lead to timeouts on the front-end or otherwise bog down a synchronous workflow. API Polling solves this by providing immediate control.

When initiating a request to any of the pdfRest endpoints, set the Response-Type header parameter to requestId to enable API Polling and receive an instant response with a requestId. Instead of waiting for the entire process to finish, you can then use the /request-status/ endpoint with the requestId to check its progress at your own pace. This allows you to design a workflow that avoids timeouts and lets you initiate requests without needing to wait for the entire process to complete before proceeding.

Enhanced Flexibility and Workflow Control

API Polling empowers you to design workflows tailored to your specific needs. Imagine building an application that utilizes a series of asynchronous pdfRest tasks. Traditionally, you'd need to wait for each task to complete before continuing to next steps in your workflow. Polling offers greater flexibility!

Initiate all tasks with API Polling enabled, and then use the /request-status/ endpoint to monitor their progress independently. This allows your application to efficiently manage and react to each task's completion individually, rather than being tied to a single, linear workflow.

Complete Toolkit Compatibility

API Polling seamlessly integrates with all pdfRest tools, offering a unified approach to managing asynchronous tasks. No matter which pdfRest tool you use, simply enable API Polling on your request to receive a requestId. This consistency simplifies development and reduces the need to learn separate methods for handling different asynchronous functionalities.

With API Polling, you can leverage a single approach for all your pdfRest workflows, streamlining development and promoting code reusability.
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  1. First, you'll need an API Key - to:
    • Stay anonymous with a Guest API Key for 10 free API Calls
    • Sign up for an upgraded API Key with unlimited, continuous service
  2. Choose your programming language
  3. Copy and paste the code to your project
  4. Update Api-Key field with your unique API Key
  5. Update file with the local path to your input
  6. Run this code to send an API Call
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curl -X GET "https://api.pdfrest.com/request-status/xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" \
-H "Api-Key: xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

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The requestId value is returned in the response from a call sent to any of the pdfRest endpoints when Response-Type: requestId is added as a header parameter with that processing request.

To poll for the status of the request, this value can be used in subsequent calls to the /request-status/ endpoint by placing it directly in the URL in this format:


Replace the x's with the requestId value.
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