Detect and Repair Non-Conformant PDF/A Documents

Detect and Repair Non-Conformant PDF/A Documents

Use Query PDF and Convert to PDF/A to validate and conditionally repair non-conformant PDF/A files
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PDF/A (Portable Document Format/Archiving) is an ISO standard designed to support long-term preservation. Validating PDF/A documents ensures that they adhere to the strict requirements of this standard, guaranteeing their readability and usability even as technology and software evolve.

pdfRest's Query PDF API Tool offers a convenient solution for validating PDF/A documents, enabling users to perform a quick check for conformance to the standard. By incorporating this tool into document management workflows, organizations can safeguard the integrity and longevity of their valuable digital records.

Why Use PDF/A?

PDF/A documents offer several crucial benefits:

  • Long-term Preservation: PDF/A documents adhere to stringent requirements that ensure their readability and usability even decades or centuries from now, safeguarding valuable information for future generations.
  • Consistency and Reliability: PDF/A documents maintain consistent rendering behavior across different platforms and software applications, preventing compatibility issues and ensuring reliable document representation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In many industries, such as government, healthcare, and finance, there are specific regulations that mandate the use of PDF/A for certain types of documents, ensuring compliance with legal and industry standards.

Simple PDF/A Validation

pdfRest's Query PDF API Tool provides a streamlined approach to PDF/A validation with a simple check that indicates whether a file conforms to any version of PDF/A standards with a simple true or false response. This supports programmatic conditional processing to trigger automated actions based on the validation results, such as routing non-compliant documents for further processing.

Repairing Non-Conformant PDF/A Documents

pdfRest's Convert to PDF/A API Tool complements the Query PDF API Tool by providing a seamless solution for fixing documents that fail the validation check. By integrating these two API tools, organizations can automate the process of identifying and rectifying non-conformant PDF/A documents, ensuring that their entire document archive adheres to the standard.

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