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Optimize Filled PDF Forms for Universal Compatibility

Flatten XFA Forms and Acroforms in PDF Documents to Produce Standard PDFs that are Supported by All PDF Software, Tools, and Viewers
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Navigating the complexities of PDF forms can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, especially when dealing with XFA forms, an outdated and often incompatible form technology. While support for XFA forms was dropped from the latest PDF 2.0 specification with the aim of phasing it out, these forms remain in common use today. To add further complication, not all XFA forms are built the same. Static XFA forms remain relatively well-supported, but support for Dynamic XFA forms is exceedingly rare outside of Adobe products. Trying to open these files with other tools and viewers leads to confusing error messages with no clear path to resolution. Despite their limitations, documents continue to be created with XFA forms, and PDF workflows must be prepared to handle this challenge.

pdfRest Flatten Forms is a powerful REST API tool that flattens all forms in PDF documents, preserving form appearances, locking in form field values, and transforming unreliable formats into standard, universally compatible PDF documents. This process eliminates the limitations of XFA forms, making your documents readily accessible across all software applications and processing tools that support PDFs.

Real-World Applications of Flattened Forms

Flatten Forms API Tool enhances your PDF workflow by supporting:

  • Batch Processing and Automation: Convert both Acroforms and XFA forms into standard PDF documents automatically, saving you valuable time when handling large sets of filled forms.
  • Integration with Other Software: Seamlessly integrate flattened PDFs into other software applications, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Secure data in filled forms with a flattening process that locks in data, making it no longer editable.


pdfRest Flatten Forms API Tool revolutionizes your PDF form experience by flattening XFA forms into universally compatible PDF documents. This simple yet powerful solution enhances compatibility, simplifies workflows, and bolsters security, making it an indispensable tool for businesses and developers managing PDF forms.

Code Example: Flatten Forms   |   Load this into API Lab↗

    curl -X POST "https://api.pdfrest.com/flattened-forms-pdf" \ 
       -H "Accept: application/json" \ 
       -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \
       -H "Api-Key: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" \
       -F "file=@PATH_TO_FILE/input_file.pdf" \

Flatten Forms

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