msCoreFonts setup

These steps will help you install the standard set of fonts provided by Microsoft, known as the Microsoft core fonts.

We are not permitted to distribute the Microsoft Core fonts with our AMI directly, but they are free and easily accessible for you to install.

MS Core fonts are necessary to:
• Support maximum file size reduction with Compress PDF by enabling font subsetting
• Support font embedding, a required step to Convert to PDF/A
• Expand the set of supported fonts that may be used with Watermark PDF

Embedding fonts in your output PDF document ensures that the document can be opened and viewed on any machine, because the fonts travel with that document. Quite literally, the necessary font files are saved within that PDF file. This is required for all PDF/A specifications to support long-term preservation.

Subsetting the fonts that are embedded in the document is an important step to reduce PDF file size. The subset of the font contains only those font characters actually used in the PDF document.

Once installed, these MS Core fonts are available to use with Watermark PDF, expanding the set of fonts that can be applied with a text-based watermark.

Image of the config file where msCoreFontsInstalled should be set to true.

Inside the docker container, edit /opt/datalogics/pdf-utility/config/settings.js and update msCoreFontsInstalled to true.

Image of the command to run for Step 6.

Then apply the settings with sudo node apply_settings.js from the same directory.