CloudFormation Template FAQ
    Which fulfillment option should I use?
  • The Amazon Machine Image allows you to deploy a single EC2 instance without other infrastructure components. You can use this for small scale processing, batch processing, or other uses that don't require a load balancer or multiple machines.
  • The CloudFormation Template allows you to deploy one or more EC2 instances alongside additional infrastructure. The default parameter settings deploy a scalable group of instances with a load balancer and an Elastic File System volume. This option can use existing infrastructure components (for example, an existing EFS volume), and is suitable for larger scale processing, using HTTPs, or adjusting your available machines to meet your needs.

  • Which CloudFormation Template parameters must be filled out?
  • The only CFN parameters that are empty and must be filled in prior to using the product are "Stack name" and "Key Pair for SSH".
  • You must also change the "IP Address Range for HTTP and HTTPS" parameter to your IP address, or you will not be able to make calls to the instances. will allow all IP addresses.
  • A stack resource label is required, and should be unique for every stack - however the prefilled value will work fine for your first stack.
  • We suggest also changing "IP Address Range for SSH" to your IP address - otherwise you will not be able to SSH onto the EC2 instances.

  • Do I need to fill in the empty optional parameters?
  • No. If these are left blank, CloudFormation will generate the appropriate resources per the template's instructions.